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★ J-rock & pop icontest/awards community ★
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Welcome to Jmusic Awards! This is an icontest community focused on both Jrock & Jpop. Anyone may join and enter their icons, even if you don't submit you can still vote in the weekly icon polls.
Banners will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners along with the Special Category winnner we will have each week. Along with a banner the 1st place entry will be the main icon for jmusic_awards for that week.

[x] You must be a member to participate in the contests and voting.

[x] Icons must be related to either Jrock or Jpop. You may not use pictures of cosplay or doujinshi for your icons.

[x] Your icons must follow lj standards- 100x100 pixels, and can't be larger then 40kb.

[x] Icons must be made new for the contests. Don't use an icon that’s been sitting for months on your computer.

[x] You can NOT show your icon anywhere until after voting is over!!! If you do you will be disqualified.

[x] Don't cheat! Do not vote for your own icons or strategize your vote to help you come out better. Cheaters will be banned.

[x] This should be a given but do not steal other peoples icons to enter or use.

[x] If you liked certain icons when voting wait till the winners are announced and we will post a list of the makers so then you may ask to use the icons and CREDIT them! Do not just take the icons and start using them without asking & giving credit.

[x] Always respect your fellow members.

A new theme will be announced every Saturday by one of the Mods. At that time the Mod who is posting will give you rules pertaining to that theme. You will have one week to turn in your icons.

Please use the form below when submitting your icons to the themed post.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Artist featured: Maimi
Credits: N/A

Voting will take place every Friday night at 11:00pm EST and last till Sunday night 11pm EST.

You will be voting for your favorite three icons plus one more for the special category. You must pick a different icon from the three you already picked for the special category.

The icons you vote for will be assigned points, 1st→3pts, 2nd→2pts, 3rd→1pt. This helps to lower the number of ties.

[x] Remember do not vote for yourself (We will be checking IP addresses) or get your friends to vote for you.

Week one :: Seduction
Week two :: Humour
Week three :: Forsaken
Week four :: Magic
Week five :: Sexy
Week six :: Textless
Week seven :: Rainbow
Week eight :: Candid
Week nine :: Seasons
Week ten :: Monochrome
Week eleven :: One word
Week twelve :: Foreign language
Week thirteen :: Relationships
Week fourteen :: Blue
Week fifteen :: Beauty
Week sixteen :: Smile
Week seventeen :: Free
Week eighteen :: Anything Goes
Week nineteen :: Food/Drink
Week twenty :: Tears
Week twenty-one :: Lyrical: Queen-Don't Stop Me Now
Week twenty-two :: Black & White
Week twenty-three :: Royalty
Week twenty-four :: Close Up
Week twenty-five :: Death
Week twenty-six :: Nature
Week twenty-seven :: Dream
Week twenty-eight :: Fantasy
Week twenty-nine :: Kiss
Week thirty :: Mirror
Week thirty-one :: Fashion
Week thirty-two :: Song titles
Week thirty-three :: Fire
Week thirty-four :: Groups
Week thirty-five :: Shy
Week thirty-six :: Heaven/Hell
Week thirty-seven :: Numbers
Week thirty-eight :: Tiny text
Week thirty-nine :: Memory
Week forty :: Soft colors
Week forty-one :: Bright colors
Week forty-two :: Body
Week forty-three :: Simplicity
Week forty-four :: Pink
Week forty-five :: Light
Week forty-six :: Letters
Week forty-seven :: Sky
Week forty-eight :: On stage
Week forty-nine :: Trouble
Week fifty :: Bliss
Week fifty-one :: Black
Week fifty-two :: Zodiac
Week fifty-three :: Action
Week fifty-four :: Valentines
Week fifty-five :: Lost
Week fifty-six :: Listless
Week fifty-seven :: White
Week fifty-eight :: Resources
Week fifty-nine :: Animals
Week sixty :: Book titles
Week sixty-one :: Mischievous
Week sixty-two :: Uniforms
Week sixty-three :: Hats
Week sixty-four :: Duplicate
Week sixty-five :: Green
Week sixty-six :: Heart
Week sixty-seven :: Candy
Week sixty-eight :: Clueless
Week sixty-nine :: Out Of The Box
Week seventy :: Fairy tale
Week seventy-one :: Tarot
Week seventy-two :: Hand Gestures
Week seventy-three :: Summer
Week seventy-four :: Transportation
Week seventy-five :: Elements
Week seventy-six :: Heartache
Week seventy-seven :: Glasses
Week seventy-eight :: Sports
Week seventy-nine :: Male Artists
Week eighty :: Female Artists
Week eighty-one :: Silly
Week eighty-two :: Serenity

Have an idea for a theme? Suggest it HERE!

If the memories are not working, all the posts are tagged.

At all times you need to respect the mods, their word goes here. They are the only members that are allowed to post.


Banner Makers:
jrocker, & mangoninja, ezukii, & kokii; We need more banner makers!!-Please apply HERE.

Banner rotation:
Week 79: kokii
Week 80: ezukii
Week 81: mangoninja
Week 82: kokii
Week 83: ezukii
Week 84: mangoninja

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Please go HERE to request affiliation :)
We love adding affiliates so don't be shy!

Headers: Graphics for the header featuring Alice Nine and Aibon & Eri (Morning Musume) made by jrocker
Pictures: Picture of Alice Nine from Public Eyes, User info pictures of Jrock artists from Jrock Gallery.